Sunday, September 16, 2007

What the heck is going on here?

Dark days in Poonville. Population apparently down to one.

1. We lose SEC Poon due to a picture of Nick Saban's niece (check out Mac G's World for an explanation of this travesty). Here at ACC Poon, we'll be happy to post out-of-conference poon photos, just be sure that none of them contain 15-year old girls with litigious Alabama coaches for uncles, m'kay?

2. fires Original ACC Pooner (OAP?) Jenn Sterger from her columnist job. We at ACC Poon regret the loss, but regale in posting pictures in her online memory. Edit: Not so fast.

3. Duke ends its 22-game losing streak? A silver lining in an otherwise dark, dark cloud over Poonville.
Don't forget to wear the black armbands. Fight fiercely, poon hunters. Send pics to


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Before you bemoan Jenn's demise you might want to check her blog and see what she says about all this.