Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Virginia Tech vs. LSU is only days away!

First off, thanks to Packman for allowing us to use pictures from his website, Southern Fried Football. Until readers start sending their own Pics-o-Poon, I'll have to turn to the experts. All photos in this post are courtesy of the fine folks at Southern Fried Football.

Virginia Tech had a tough time against ECU. From a poon standpoint, can you blame them?

Eyes on the ball, boys, not on the stands!

But as you travel to Baton Rouge, you may be distracted by
some lovely LSU fans. But remember who you're fighting for... sweet Hokie poon.

See? Your girls are willing to exploit their drunkenness for tickets! How can you not love these women?

Being a tech school, these ladies know that putting two fives together does make a perfect 10. God bless them.

So, Hokies, if you can't win the game, win the poon. Geaux Heaux-kies.

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